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Bullying is not OK

Not long ago, bullying was shrugged off as nothing more than a childhood rite of passage. Thankfully, those attitudes are changing and the issue is being treated more seriously.

And with just cause.

The effects of both physical and psychological bullying can be serious and long lasting. They can include insomnia, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whether a bully is physically hurting someone, or degrading a target with taunts and name calling, victims often can feel helpless against their attacker, which can lead to low self worth.

Dr. J.R. Evans, a licensed psychologist and Healthy Futures team member, says victims of bullying should seek help immediately.

“For all those kids who may be struggling with bullying, one of the things I encourage you to do is talk to somebody. Find somebody – whether it’s at home, among your friends, or at school – that feels safe and tell them what is happening. Please do not hold onto that shame inside. Bullying is not OK,” he said.

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